Privacy is an extremely important fundamental right

We**** are GDPR compliant. Moreover, we enable digital rights for you and we stand for them.*


The Smartists App is designed to be free from trackers or cookies.

Smartists does not collect any identifiable data without your consent. We protect privacy and data ownership by design.

An email is the only personal Identification information we invite you to share with us in order to be able to access some our services.

Some other basic information included in the ‘Account Settings’ is to introduce you to other Smartists users, and for us to help filter a professional search within the application. Such information does not need to include personal data as such (for example, we need your ‘artist name’ to identify your account, but not you as an individual).

When you freely agree to provide your email, Smartists will use it only with these two purposes:

  1. to introduce you to other users on Smartists from your contact page, after our Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) has been signed.
  2. to keep you informed about updates, maintenance and improvements of the App, including all new technical and legal features.

We do not share any identifying information with anyone except legal obligations.

We will keep your email as long as we have relevant information to share about our services, or have a legal reason to keep it.

Any other information you freely decide to provide as a member of Smartists is neither stored nor shared with third parties.

Such information you freely agree to provide for the purpose of introducing yourself to the Smartists community as an ‘artist’ or ‘art-user’ can be updated anytime (and does not need to be personal). Users of Smartists will have access to your contact information in order to connect with you, but only after signing our Confidentiality Agreement (NDA). Smartists is nor liable for any misuse of such information coming from our users. Smartists provides an NDA document - The Smartists Confidentiality Agreement- to defend yourself, in case you need it.

Using Smartists you may find links to external sites that are not operated by us,

where we have no control about the Privacy Policy. Therefore, always be aware of the information you are providing in other contexts that include data collection. Our advice: never share personal identifiable information with unknown data collectors.

January, 2022. This is a new technology. Privacy Policy changes may apply to comply with new laws, and will be uploaded in this notice.